Removing Element

Bryam Vicente
2 min readJul 13, 2021


For this blog I’ll be going over a popular LeetCode problem in which we have to delete/replace elements in an array. Here’s a picture of the prompt:

The question is asking us to create a function that takes in an array (nums) and an integer (val) and remove all occurrences of val inside of nums. There are multiple ways in which we can solve this problem. I chose to solve this problem by using a for loop and implementing the built-in method .splice(). I believe it’s important to plan out the steps before doing any actual code! Here’s the pseudo code that I did:

Now that I provided the pseudo code here’s how I solved the problem:

Here are the results on Leetcode:

Please feel free to reach out if there are better methods to solve this problem! For more info on .splice(), and for loops,check out the resource section below.